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Belinda has been in the restaurant industry her whole life. She has always had a strong passion for cooking and serving people. Belinda was a waitress in La Jolla for over 25 years, serving and managing at both John's waffle shop and Harry's coffee shop. In 2005, she started her catering business by selling at the La Jolla Farmers market every sunday. From there Belinda was able to get her food into UCSD and SDSU. 


You can find Belinda and her family serving their delicious authentic Mexican food every Tuesday at UCSD and Thursday at SDSU, as well as La Jolla Farmers market on Sundays. We also sell at Viejas Arena for all concerts and SDSU Men's basketball games.


After 10 years of catering all over San Diego county we are pleased to be opening our first permanent location in Spring Valley.


Fresh Ingredients similar to 


Home-Cooked Style Mexican Food

Belinda's Familia takes pride in serving the true meaning of Authentic Mexican Food. Our menu items are prepared with fresh local ingredients here in Southern California and are cooked in traditional Mexican Home-style fashion. We put a lot of effort in creating delicious meals that will leave you craving for more. 

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